Hey, I'm Shehryar,

a software engineering student in Waterloo, CA.

Hey there! I'm an engineering student who loves to solve hard problems using my technical and communication skills.

I'm fluent in C++ C Java JavaScriptHTML CSS and improving on my Python every day.

Currently looking for Winter 2020 internships.


May 2019 — August 2019

Software Engineering Intern

Coming soon!


July 2018 — August 2018

Software Engineering Intern

Built high-visibility enterprise pipeline dashboard to monitor projects. Applied performance tuning to LDAP servers.

Neoterix Health & Fitness

May 2017 - September 2017

Software Engineering Intern

Reduced video chat latency in WebRTC. Created A/B testing mechanisms to maximize user retention.


A cryptocurrency trader that detects real-time triangular arbitrage opportunities.


A cross-platform, high performance game engine written in C++ using OpenGL.


An autonomous drone to deliver vaccines and essential medicine to remote places.


A software to distribute large computational tasks over a lot of computers.


I build really cool stuff at hackathons, from apps to holograms.

Waterloo Engineeing Competition

Placed third for building a genetic AI that plays Tron.

MAX Gala

Awarded $10,000 for contributions to my community and non-profit organizations.

BMO Financial Group Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship

Awarded from the University of Waterloo for outstanding high school academic performance and extracurricular activites.

Canadian Personal Finance Conference

Pitched Nomics at Hacking Good Toronto and ended up as a finalist. Moved on to the CPFC where I placed second nationally.